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Rift Giant - Cataclysm

by planetkrecords

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Three eyes Beckoning green moons From the other side Where a power exudes It swells, and swirls Gorge rising, we're close to blackness The rift forms, and grows A pulsing that draws us in Into the Rift We descend Madness folds Upon the three winks We grow old As the moons drink So deeply, such thirst We wonder they exist at all So hungry, such greed Three lurid evil souls Into the Rift We ascend Proceed the hours of pain Ripped apart and made whole again The moons grin widely full of mirth As we're torn from our broken world Above a chasm that so deeply yawns A glimpse of light from an unknown dawn A pallid star that's not of green But wan and white with a sickly sheen Into the Rift The air is closing in, drawn so tight, we cannot breathe The vortex pulls us in, through the Rift, onto another plane  
Hubris 05:37
Forced awake by blaring horns and an enemy on all sides Warriors riding lizard beasts with glistening, rippling hides Arrows levelled, spears out-thrusting and we're still lying in sand Sickened from our vortex-journey we can barely stand Biting down on vertigo we try to rouse and fight Drunken, unsteady, but on our feet, we pack our circle tight Fingers fumbling at our belts, they're clasping after guns We bring our pistols out to bear, shafts gleaming in the sun A clap of thunder shakes the skies Screams and blood amidst the fire This world will come to fear us This world we claim our own Stepping over smouldering corpses riddled through with holes We watch the surviving reptile riders flee from us in droves Three score made it through the rift, and three score still remain Unslinging rifles from off our backs we focus on our aim A clap of thunder shakes the skies The kill-count rises ever higher This world will come to fear us This world we claim our own We leave that place of blood and death decaying beneath the sun Just piles and piles of butchered flesh, a feast of carrion We plot a course to distant trees, a forested mountain slope And shoot the natives with great aplomb, if they stray too close A clap of thunder shakes the skies We cheer and roar with every stride This world will come to fear us This world we claim our own  
Queen Witch 07:50
A witch dwells in the trees Clothed in black with skin of green She casts a glamour so that all we see Is beauty untold, a bewitching queen Love is all that we know Devotion is a gift All sixty on our knees Bowing before her the queen is all that we know Devotion is our gift All sixty on our knees Oh, such a queen She casts a curse on us We feel the magic seeping in A wave of sickness spreads And waking life fades to dream Queen Witch lifts the curse And all of us wake from the dream As captured prisoners Beaten, weakened and on our knees  
Toiling hard beneath an alien sky Sun on our backs and our throats are dry Linked by fetters dragging at our feet Clanking irons blister in the heat The natives watch us with unblinking stares And guard the guns we brought with fearful care They drive us hard; we labour on and on Cracking rock and stone until the day is done The drudgery takes its toll Slaving on until we fall Breathe, we bide our time, await our chance Seethe, we loathe our wretched circumstance Weeks draw on and still we sweat in chains beneath their sun Whipped at whim and sickly thin we fight to not succumb Despair remains a close-by friend, to accept what we've become Shadows of our former selves, all hope is nearly gone Like the calm before a storm We muster fortitude once more We, we will not just fade away Free, we will rise another day Forty-six of us remain, resolute yet strained Facing down our future ruin, we plot for our escape In the dead of night, we'll rush the guards and take up arms again The cacophony of our roaring guns will cleave this world in twain  
To Three 06:00
Imprisonment Surmountable Manumission - by our hand We will be free To wreak chaos And reap revenge For this penance Served in an alien land Our fury knows no bounds Unleash the roaring hounds We count to three Feral strength Imbues our limbs Tension mounts - and breaks Chains fall to the ground Delirium Euphoria We are free Our fingers yearn for guns Commencing sabotage We mutilate the guards And raze their village down Unleash the roaring hounds A killing spree Everything we see We count to three Out in the dark, on the desert plains, we march triumphant Though fourteen died, in slavery, they'll be remembered Fires burn, behind our backs, our mark of freedom In jubilance, salute the sky, our reborn legion  
Our joy is fleeting Here comes the horde Three moons alive, gauging all the while An endless tide, spreading out for miles No time to run We load our guns We shoot it out, ammo's running low They're all around, our old reptilian foe We've nothing left, just knives and human fists They're closing in, and then A quake courses through the land The lizards freeze A rumbling voice booms from the sky The lizards flee Another tremor wracks the ground Drowning out their screams A shadow falls upon us all We turn to see A silhouette blocks out the sun Filling the skies From behind the mountain it comes A thing of such size A thing of such size Filling the skies A silhouette blocks out the sun  
Rift Giant 07:34
Horizons asunder, from fissures we flee Ruptures out-spreading, dividing between Continents breaking, tectonic failure Seismic convulsions that shatter this world Burgeoning pressure amassing around Bludgeoning eardrums and shaking the ground Boulders come crashing, tossed down from the sky A whirlwind of duststorms cascading behind A concatenation of deafening roars As down comes the hand that will flatten us all The abyss opens wide Syphon takes hold Gravity pulls And we fall Great shadows descending, expunging our lives Diluvial fluids in torrents awry Imploding organs give way to the strain Blood paints the sand as a nonchalant stain Burgeoning pressure amassing around Bludgeoning eardrums and shaking the ground Time hangs in space as the world stops it spin The green moons above know a surfeit of whim Capricious hysteria accompanies death As our spirits relinquish their vessels of flesh The void calls to us We answer Through the maelstrom We enter Denuded we tremble in terror and fright Bared of our being, ethereal wights One journey ends as another begins The law of this land has repaid us our sins Our phantoms are all that remain Vagrantly gracing this plane Drifting above the red lake Left in the Rift Giant's wake
Cataclysm 03:59


released May 1, 2021


all rights reserved



planetkrecords Trieste, Italy

Planet K Records is a division of K Productions, an Italian live music company specialized in hc/crossover/metal since the ‘90s. K Productions has worked with Cro Mags,Sick Of It All,Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Integrity,No Fx, Madball, Warrior Soul, Mindwars and produced Upset Noise, Cenotaph ,Fuel From Hell,A new Scar,Damned Pilots,The Italian Stallion, Kryptonomikon, Overcharge,Kneel ... more

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